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Professional. Experienced. Reliable. Caring.
For all your animal care needs

Who We Are

Bandana Ranch is unique in the equine market thanks to our trained small farm management team. If you own a small farm with horses and other farm animals, we are the right company for you. READ MORE


What We Do

We specialize in farm care and maintenance — feeding, in-home pet care, horse care, farm care, cleaning stalls, cleaning your property and taking care of all your farm animals. We also offer specialized massage therapy. READ MORE


How to Contact Us

We’re located in Franklin, TN and we’re available either by phone or email. Contact us today! We’re ready to help you with all your animal care and farm helper needs. READ MORE

Count on Us! We Always Show Up.

Bandana Ranch is a professional pet care company that offers pet sitting for your home and barnyard. We specialize in horse farm maintenance, in-home pet care, and animal-related products.

When you hire our professionals at Bandana Ranch, you don’t just get one person. You hire an entire team that is knowledgeable, experienced and genuinely cares about your animals.

Our goal always is to help you enjoy your animals – like a hobby not a full-time job. From daily care to specialized massage therapy, every service is customized for your particular lifestyle. We’ll check on your animals and provide for their needs to fit your schedule, seven days a week or on a reduced schedule, if that’s what you want.

We’re known for our competence, our professionalism and our reliability. You can count on us. We always show up!

We’re certified to meet your needs!

bulletCertified Farm Managers.
bulletCertified Massage Therapists.